Saturday, 29 August 2015

This Summer's Most Wanted Captures!

Summer is often slow for sellers, and busy for everyone as people work extra hours, move, go on vacation, and use the break in starter/collection releases to clean up the cattery. It has definitely been a busy summer for the SagaKitty KittyCatS!™ Most Wanted! Contest! We've had 3 new captures and quite a few tips that helped us narrow down the location of some of our most wanted traits!

Let's start with this summer's captures!

On May 30th JuniperJazz, who often goes by the name Junie, captures the placement of Domino 3 and Flame 3, proving that Domino 3 is dominant to Flame 3. Don't let those genesis furs fool you into thinking they're innocent: This capture helps us place the entire range of Genesis 3 furs! Since Smokey 2 (the most dominant of the Genesis 2 furs) is recessive to Flame 3 (now known as the most recessive of the Genesis 3 furs), this means that the entire range of Genesis 2 furs is recessive to the entire range of Genesis 3 furs. If we keep at it, we'll have an entire list of all the Genesis furs in their proper locations!

August 20th was a very busy day for Fabioazevedo Oh (no relation to Charles' better half, Poppy Oh). Fabio captured the location of the elusive Ocicat Black and Pandie Flame.

Junie and Fabio won Epic Prize Boxes for their hard work.

We also had a number of tips that helped us narrow down some of our most wanted traits:
  • On May 23rd, Draco Nacht narrowed down the Ocicat Black fur, proving it was recessive to the Australian Mist Lilac Marble.
  • On May 26th, Junie narrowed down Odyssey Slush as being recessive to Gerbera Purple. She further narrowed it down on June 14th when she proved it was dominant to the retired Mercury.
  • On July 28th, Aramis Gontineac proved that Tapestry Harvest is recessive to Midnight Sky. Aramis is working hard to hunt down the exact location of the Tapestry Harvest!
  • On August 1st, Rheaven Tussaud and Marishka Moody found out that Odyssey Crystal Rose is dominant to Lucky Irish Clover. Rheaven and Marishka have also been working hard on a number of captures!

Draco's kitty (Pilgrim) with a SagaKitty hat
Draco's kitty (Pilgrim) with a SagaKitty hat
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Junie's kitty (Ginny) with her SagaKitty hat
Junie's kitty (Ginny) with her SagaKitty hat

If you have pictures of you and/or your kitty with the prizes you've won, send full perm textures to SagaKitty in SL or email them to SagaKittySL at, and we'll post them! :)

There are still many more traits to go! Also, since all of the non-genesis furs on the list have been captured, we've added four more to the KittyCatS!™ Most Wanted Proofs list:
  • Pandie Ebony & Ivory
  • Foxie Argyle
  • Foxie Red Mask
  • Chateau Slate & White No. 1

We want to thank the community for continuing to work with diligence and patience to clean up those charts. We know we'll see more results from you all very soon! :)

Remember that anyone who captures a proof wins an epic prize box containing:
  • A $L500 Gift Card for Somnia by Sanura Snowpaw
  • A 1 week rental of 100 prim Pergola at FelineS KittyCatS
  • A Gift card for one KittyCatS collar of your choice made by Julia Merosi of FelineS KittyCatS
  • A 2-week Love Shack Rental at Too Adorable
  • A super cute one-of-a-kind multi-pose “Me and My Kitty” pillow by Beloved Ruby of ScratchN Post – this item can only be obtained by contest winners and is not available to anyone else on the grid!
  • A beautiful one-of-a-kind hearts collar hand crafted by Nino Heartsdale, the Mad Cat Lady - this item can only be obtained by contest winners and is not available to anyone else on the grid!
  • A $L200/$K500 KittyCatS!™ gift certificate, usable in the KittyCatS!™ main store or the KittyCatS!™ Cattery

Also remember that anyone who narrows down a trait wins a one-of-a-kind knitted hat lovingly made by Bree Ann, specifically for this contest!

If you haven't yet heard of the contest or need more info, please see the blog post KittyCatS!™ Most Wanted! Contest.

Until then, thanks for reading and may all your dream kitties come true! :)

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